Creepy Spooky Sticker Pack

I’ve released a sticker pack of Spooky Creepy creatures and objects in time for halloween 2017! Includes most of the creatures from Spooky School ABCs as well as a bunch of new ones.

Free for a limited time only.

Any suggestions for new creatures are more than welcome. I have plans for a lot of creatures in future!

Bad Pollyanna


Bad Pollyanna are a Yorkshire based alternative rock band. My initial work for them in 2012 was simple flyer layouts, but that eventually led to me doing the layout for their debut album (8 page leaflet, case insert, cd design, etc) merchandise and some web design.



Phono, Flock & Others


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Phono Paul on various projects involving the Leeds alternative music scene. Originally attracted by my comic art, the relationship has resulted in my character designs having appeared on posters, flyers and other merchandise for club nights and festivals.