Fixing Singularity sound issues

Some hints, and potentially the silver bullet solution to fix sound issues in Singularity in Windows. (Win7 64bit here) …

Recently I bought Singularity in a Steam sale and was disappointed that the sound just didn’t seem to work. Maybe it was EAX compatibility; maybe it just didn’t like output through digital optical.. Whatever it was I needed to figure it out as the game seemed really interesting, and playing with no sound is pretty awful.

A LOT of people seem to be having these problems, and there are many solutions. Some found that the game turns the volume right down so you have to Alt-Tab out, find Singularity in the audio mixer and turn the volume back up again.

That didn’t work for me.

Other people found they had to switch their surround speakers to stereo out.

That didn’t work for me either.

Others found that you could get sound working by switching it to XP compatibility mode.

Didn’t work!

I tried everything I could find to get the sound running, looking through about 20 threads, and short of using headphones I couldn’t make it work, then my brother (thanks!) mentioned that it was Unreal3 based so surely it SHOULD work. So that got me thinking – I installed UT3 – Which installed OpenAL – and now the sound in Singularity works perfectly through digital out, as it should.

So, go over to Creative’s OpenAL page – download and install OpenAL. Maybe it will fix it for you too!