My Rating System

In my reviews I’ll always go into what I consider pertinent detail about the graphics, sound and gameplay. At the end of every review there is an overall score. I use a five star(well – blob) system to keep things consistent and avoid bickering over tiny variations in totals. Here’s a run-down of what is meant by each rating.


1/5 – RED BLOB

1blobThis game is, by anyone’s standard – Absolutely terrible. We don’t in any way advise bothering with this title. It’s quite possibly offensively bad, and it’s certainly not “so bad it’s good” – It’s just bad. Something went seriously wrong here. Avoid.



2blobThis game is flawed. For the patient or easily amused there may be something enjoyable about this. It may take quite a lot of effort though. Only recommended for obsessive collectors or if you’ve done a lot of research and can’t live without it for some reason.



3blobDecent. An all round average game. There’s something to like here and although there are problems none of them break the core experience. If the game was hugely ambitious it must have fallen short to get an average rating. Perhaps as a total package something is lacking. Suggested for fans of the genre and can sit proudly in any collection.



4blobRecommended. A very commendable effort that achieves what it sets out to do, falling short of the lofty 5* target. Buying this game is a no-brainer and it does not disappoint. Misses full marks due to something often rather minor, or that may not matter to all players.



5blobOutstanding. This game is approaching perfection or offers so much at such quality that it deserves full attention. It may push boundaries, offer new experiences, or be polished to an unusual standard. May further the medium as a whole. Buy this game.


Note that you don’t have to agree with the review scores! Though I try to be as objective as possible there is always going to be a big element of opinion to any review. The comments are are great place to discuss the scores!