The PS4 event: what was missing?


So Sony finally gave us the info-dump we’ve been clamouring for and the tech press is going over the details with a fine toothed comb hoping for a clearer picture of what the PS4 means for gaming.

There are hundreds of articles about what Sony showed, but I thought I’d go the other way and write about all the things they didn’t show.

1) The Console

This has upset people more than anything else, but really, what does it matter? By not showing it they’re guaranteed hundreds more crazy mockups by artists and 3d modellers, and the hype that goes along with that. I’d put money on the design being quite a boring black box like the other Playstations!

2) Kaz Hirai

I’ve seen this spinned as Sony not having faith in the product. Which is crazy. It makes sense – Kaz used to be head of the Playstation division and his presence would risk overshadowing the people who’ve been instrumental in its development.
Or maybe he’s just sick of people making him into memes. (Riiiiiiidge Raaaacer?) He’s sure to be at E3 and It’s not as if people question Microsoft if Steve Ballmer doesn’t appear at Xbox events. (I suspect they’re actually grateful!)

3) EA

One of the biggest publishers was mysteriously absent. So Battlefield 4 was too. EA have generally supported as many platforms as humanly possible, so there’s nothing to worry about here. It’ll be great seeing what all the studios have brewing for the new specs.

4) The Last Guardian

Seriously, at what point do we get to call this vaporwear? Probably years ago.


It’s sad we haven’t met the sad looking cat/dog/bird/thing yet

5) Playstation Home

Every time an event like this happens and Home doesn’t even get a passing mention – does it hint at the impending doom of the social platform? Home didn’t even figure into the “History of Playstation” videos leading up to the event. It never became what it could’ve, and was obviously one part over ambitious, another misguided. This deserves its own article though.

6) Certain specs

We know it has an octo-core AMD64 based CPU and an obscene amount of GDDR5, but what clock speed is the CPU? Nobody should really care too much, we know its a powerhouse at this point. Standard HDD capacity? Suggested target resolution for games?

7) A full breakdown of controller functionality

They only touched on the controllers new features. A mic socket is great, do we still charge with mini USB? What is the speaker grill on the front  used for? What happens when we press the settings button? No start and select? How’s that going to work with backwards compatibility? What’s the use of a move light on a dual shock? How much is rumble improved?

8) Backwards compatibility info

It was great to see that moving forward they intend to put the legacy libraries online, but that leaves us at the whim of publishers and Sony as to what they can get up. Those of us with massive disc libraries would rather not pay again for our games. It’s true that it would be impossible to emulate a PS3 in software on the PS4, but emulating the PS1 and PS2 should be no problem at all. Here’s hoping.

9) Naughty Dog

Anything they do is gold and an appearance by a new Uncharted would have pleased a lot of fans. But hey, we know they’re working on it so what’s the rush?

10) Final Fantasy Versus XIII

One day this might come out? Square Enix did say they’re working on an original game for the PS4 that they’ll show off at E3. Who knows?

11) Metal Gear Something

A metal gear announcement would have gone down well too.

12) The Price.

Lets hope they somehow get it below $500. I don’t have much faith in a reasonable UK price though unfortunately.


So, there it is, about half of the jigsaw pieces are still missing, most of it obviously withheld to keep us interested. In short it was a massive tease, and probably exactly what Sony needed to do to catch people’s interest. I’m really happy to see them concentrate on the games and the all round experience, networking etc and not hyping gimmicks this early on.

What do you think? Was there anything you thought was sorely missing, that I’ve missed?