The Perils Of Game Collecting

Game Shelves

This isn’t all of them either..

Most people probably collect something, but most collections don’t have the same shortcomings as a sizeable game collection. Of course I can imagine getting swamped by books, but individually they’re a cake-walk compared to the average time you can spend on a game. (That is no complaint by the way!) Over the years (decades?) you can accumulate a LOT without fully realising.

Here is my attempt at cataloguing my collection using Delicious Library.. If I was to add iOS and Amiga games the collection would probably more than double in size, and It’s already missing at least 10 PC/Mac games and a handful of PS3 things.

I’ve had to set myself a “now playing” list to minimise scatter-shot gaming and actually try to finish something for once. Playing games never really becomes a chore but knowing where to start and that you have a massive backlog can be pretty intimidating!

Steam sales don’t help either..

Do you have problems knowing what to play next? Too many games? Or don’t you see the point at all and trade your games in?

  • kat

    Yep.. I have the same thing, only with books.This is mainly because of buying 2nd hand books on impulse (because they might not be there later) and then forgetting I have them. You have inspired me to organise my books. Remember this when piles of books are all over the bed and in the bath and on the living room carpet.. it was YOUR idea.