Thoughts On Playstation Plus

To be clear – I signed up in the first week. The service is still relatively new and already somewhat ridiculed. It’s obvious this is a service that doesn’t offer a lot to certain players. The hardcore are one of the groups it currently caters poorly to. In my experience though it’s already paid for itself.

Dividing time between “real life” and multiple platforms its easy to miss out on a lot of gems. In the case of PS+ some have been Minis. (Age Of Zombies!) while others are full blown titles. For example, I’d never been completely sold on Infamous despite the reviews and buzz. The demo didn’t do it for me despite the fun powers and gameplay. By letting me play an hour from the start of the full game I had to continue. Just goes to show how important a story really is.  The free copy of Little Big Planet was a handy extra despite already having it on disc – it’s one of my daughter’s favourite games so it saves a lot of sticky fingerprints and disc swapping.

Would I recommend PS+? Only if you’re confident they’ll be offering content you don’t already own. If you’re the sort who buys everything on PSN, what can it really offer? Hopefully in future Sony will offer more beta access programs and perhaps the fabled cross-game chat. I wish they’d integrate FirstPlay over here in the UK too.

To put PS+’s failings in context: People have been calling Playstation Home a failure since launch, but the service obviously rakes in cash and has a big following. Hell, the PS3 itself has had to weather years of negative media attention and doomsaying, and look how it’s doing today.

I have faith in Sony making Plus worthwhile to core and casual gamers alike. How long it will take them to get up to speed? That’s anyone’s guess.

What’s your experience with Playstation Plus? Happy? Disappointed?