Michael is based in Burley, Leeds UK where he works from his home studio. His style ranges from cartoony to dark abstract, with a detail-focused organic thread linking his work.

Previous projects include design and illustration work for Stories Alive (his shows at Fringe festivals), bands Bad Pollyanna, Earthen Ritual, Little Match Girl, Sabbat Wolf, & His Witch.  Clubnights and festivals; Friday Flock, Black Sheep, Woolstock, Infernal.  Author and artist on the comic Creeping Me Out. Developer/designer of indie games CMO: Hex Night and Zombie Holiday.


Primarily he works in pencils and ink as well as digitally, where he specialises in pixel graphics and digital pencils.

Software Development

Michael also dabbles in game and app development. Check the software section for more details on Creeping Me Out: Hex Night (Amiga), Wizonk (Amiga), Zombie Holiday Prologue (Mac), Spooky School ABCs (iOS), Creepy Spooky Sticker Pack (iOS) and UI graphics for CueMaster (Windows).