Category: Design

Graphic and web design.

Stories Alive 2020-2

Working again for Eden Ballantyne of Stories Alive for his various fringe events. This is just a few of them, in ’22 he events in Canada and all…

Stories Alive 2019

I was asked back by Eden to do the design work for Stories Alive‚Äôs shows at Edinburg and Winnipeg fringe festivals. That meant flyers, posters, badges and the…

Untitled Paleo Art Book

I’ve been working on a dinosaur book, with colour and greyscale illustrations of (at least one) species from A-Z. Like many, as a child I always loved dinosaurs….

Grimm’s Fairer Tales

In 2018 I designed and illustrated flyers and posters for Eden Ballentine of Stories Alive, a professional performer and storyteller who was putting on shows at Edinburgh and…

Creepy Spooky Sticker Pack

(2017-) A sticker pack for iOS devices including a lot of classic monsters and creepy creatures. Updated periodically.

Earthen Ritual Logos

(2017) Earthen Ritual – Metal band logo design.

Bad Pollyanna

(2012-13) Bad Pollyanna are a Yorkshire based alternative rock band. Click to see some of the flyers, CD inserts and layout work I did for them…

Phono, Flock & Others

(2005-2013) Fliers, posters, logos and other illustration and design work for alternative and rock nights around Yorkshire.

Spooky School: iOS ABC App

(2010) Educational ABC flashcard app for iOS with a lot of cute creepy graphics and spooky sounds.