Welcome to Spooky School!

The first title in the Spooky School range is the ABCs! Just in time for halloween 2010!

Funny, creepy and cute creatures for every letter of the alphabet with high quality original graphics and fiendish voiceovers!

Are you bored of all the ABC apps having the same old Apples and Umbrellas? How about replacing those Zebras with Zombies? This may be the app for you and/or your child! Maybe you’re just wondering what could possibly begin with some of the letters?

It even has a random button to choose a surprise creature!


  • Switch between US and UK english.
  • Retina Display optimised graphics.
  • 26 whimsical creatures & artwork. (more in future free updates!)
  • Kid friendly! Nothing very scary here.
  • Creepy Scientist voice. (more voice packs in free updates!)
  • Original music (optional)



Currently unavailable, sorry. I’ll need to remake it in a newer iOS SDK to support the more recent 64bit only requirements.